Taqwa Community Farm

Christopher Morgan Powell was involved in more projects than folks realize. One year, he spent his Wednesdays in the west Bronx as a volunteer at Taqwa Community Farm.


NeON Basketball Championship


The NeON Basketball Program sponsored by the NYC Department of Probation ended with a very close game featuring several lead changes, a final second foul and clutch shooting to seal the win. Keyana Lundy took these great shots.

Charles Vasser aka Chuck

CZV-Chenchita Garden -East Harlem

Community Greens

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Fordham Students Cleanup Bissel Gardens

An absolutely wonderful group of students from Fordham University came out to Bissel Gardens on April 8 for our 1st Spring Cleanup this year. They did a fantastic job. We appreciate their help and realize we couldn’t get planting this year without them.

Bissel Gardens has Volunteer Cleanups every 2nd Saturday of the month thru November and opportunities for new gardeners, especially veterans. Why don’t you join us!

Email Chuck Vasser for more info.

Chuck Vasser - czvasser@yahoo.com



Brooklyn Bridge

haffen swing

Haffen Park


Harlem Sisters


Frederick Douglass

4-ACPowell 1

Adam Clayton Powell


NYCHA Johnson Houses


Mott Haven Sphinx

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