Bronx River Alliance Uptown Soiree

The Bronx River Alliance has worked diligently for more than 10 years to clean to the Bronx River with an ultimate goal to make it swimmable. They haven’t gotten there yet but it certainly is a great place to paddle. Every fall they host the Uptown Soiree, generally at the Bronx Zoo. It more than an annual fundraiser. It’s an opportunity to meet Bronx River friends and celebrate their accomplishments. Here are photos from the 20115 and 2016 events on Flickr.


New Yorkers for Parks

New Yorkers for Parks kicked off the season with a big boot Monday April 17, 2017 as they introduced their Public Realm Bill of Rights. I was lucky, a Bronx kid in Morrisania, I  grew up about a block from a New York City park. Crotona Park became my back yard. I grew fruits and vegetables in the Victory Garden, swam in the public pool, played tennis on the clay courts, played baseball and, of course, basketball on the Crotona fields and courts. NY4P would like everyone to be so lucky. Please support their work.


Charles Vasser aka Chuck

CZV-Chenchita Garden -East Harlem

Community Greens

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