Living Library Walk: what’s good in your hood?

What’s alive and beautiful in your neighborhood?  As you walk the places you call home, consider their natural and built treasures–including modest ones.  From civil engineering to biodiversity, every place we call home deserves exaltation if it deserves us.  The world is yours!  Be forever young with curiosity.

            This blog will retrace the steps of one such walk held in New York City.  Please note that all the pictures below are labeled for your enjoyment and orientation.  Click on them to see!  As you approach these streets as explorers, imagine you are there.  Then stroll your own neighborhood to find its riches! This walk concluded amid the Bronx River’s plants and eco- systems (whimsically alluded to in the G.I.V.E. facebook album below).  To explore neighborhood trees, click here.  There’s even a tree lover’s video filmed mere blocks from the tour site.  More pictures and even video can be found through facebook.  G.I.V.E. captured these photos while Raphael captured others.  This was the second to last Bronx River Sankofa walking tour which had covered many topics including local African-American environmentalists and historical landmarks, architecture and public art, trees and more between 2011 and 2013. 

             This blog is dedicated to all the people of the Environmental Education Capacity program of Cornell University.  What’s Good in My Hood is a signature of Akiima Price Consulting.


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