Bronx River Sankofa Virtual Tree Tour

The Bronx River Sankofa Virtual Tree Tour was produced by Morgan Powell, Originator and Creative Director of the Bronx River Sankofa.  This blog expands upon his Tree Appreciation Walk attended by more than 75 people.  Click on each photo for its description complete with a walking guide so you can find each highlighted tree within Bronx Park.  This public park contains 34+ tree types between Waring Avenue and Pelham Parkway… with dozens more outside the tour range.  Enjoy the tour video here!

Here is a map of this tour’s starting point at the intersection of Bronx Park East and Waring Avenue:


12 thoughts on “Bronx River Sankofa Virtual Tree Tour

  1. communityee says:

    This is great Morgan. Very well done and documented. I wish you were leading a workshop about your work at the NAAEE Conference this year.
    Folks could stand to learn from your holistic approach to relevancy and practice.

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