NYCHA Red Hook Urban Farms

Amazing doesn’t say enough. We need a better adjective to describe the “opening” of Red Hook Urban Farms on NYCHA property in Brooklyn. Who would have thought the urban farming movement would have gained enough cachet to move NYCHA, and therefore the city, to farm public housing with the express purpose of feeding residents, with a byproduct of healthy food choices and possibly better lives as a result.

It is the first-ever large-scale community farm on NYCHA property. The farm will serve as a source of fresh produce for the community while providing education, job training, and community agriculture for housing residents. Produce will be donated to families in need or sold at farmers’ markets operated by the nonprofit group Added Value. Revenue will fund stipends for the Green City Force Clean Energy Corps who maintain the farm. AND NYCHA is seeking sponsors for five additional urban farms in housing developments. I was tempted to say amazing again. Maybe incredible is a better descriptor.

NYCHA Press Release: NYCHA Launches First-Ever Large-Scale Urban Farm on NYCHA Property


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