Bissel Gardens Spring Prep

With the last frost date right around the corner, we got a lot of work done this weekend. The Parks Department delivered a load of composted soil and we added it to the vegetable beds. We’re still waiting to get the water turned on for the season at our primary outlet so we had to make do with our low pressure secondary source. As a result, we only planted minimally but expect to get all the vegetable beds planted by 5.5.18. Then it’s on to the Monarch Waystation!

DSC_0197 - Copy

Introduction To Beekeeping

So, fresh off the Urban Ranger Tour of Seton Falls Park on Earth Day, I went to the Introduction to Beekeeping at the Risse Street Community Garden. Great talk and community drama. Yes, communities can sometimes be at odds and the backdrop for this talk was a protest by some of the gardeners. I get it. You’ve got to love and appreciate community interaction. Hang together or hang by yourself.


Manhattan Park Connections

Partnerships for Parks at the Arsenal 4.25.18. Great event for folks interested in Manhattan Parks. An introduction to all of the P4P staff especially the outreach folks for Manhattan.

Best Tip: Schedule and publicize a volunteer day once a month, i.e., third Saturday of the month, at your park or garden. Chances are you will get regular supporters that don’t mind committing to one day a month.


Seton Falls Park

Earth Day Urban Park Ranger Tour 4.22.18

Seton Falls Park is one of the best kept secrets in the NYC Parks system. Not far from NYCHA’s Edenwald Houses, in the North East Bronx, designated as a Forever Wild Preserve, it’s got wonderful wildlife features. There are plenty paved paths and a neat, well kept playground but the treasure is the small falls at the base of the park and the nature trail that crosses what was once Rattlesnake Creek.

I love Seton Falls Park as it is but I understand Councilman Andy King was wise enough to support a sizable grant for park improvements. I can’t wait to see them. I salute Renee Patterson, Anita Heywood and Satana Fowlkes, Members of the Seton Falls Park Coalition, for their hard work and dedication.